Musical Artist Spreading God’s Name

Get ready for a hot new artist ready to shake the world, and her name is Re-Wyne. In the music business she’s a songwriter, recording artist, producer, performing artist & music engineer.

Look out for Re-Wyne’s incredible album artwork that will display her creative skill in graphic design. Every album, EP, or single made by her will have beautiful artwork she made.

She has her own unique sound to bring to the table, a sound that neither Gospel nor Hip-Hop has ever heard.

Hear Re-Wyne’s latest music (here)


This Brand Is A Holy Inspiration

Welcome to the movement, the Re-Wyne™ brand is for the strong. What do we mean by that? We mean people that have been at the bottom, and yet have risen to the top or are very well on their way. People that have a story, better yet a testimony rock Re-Wyne attire…

Let’s get it… That’s what we all say, and we very well know the meaning. And it’s meaning is the reason why it’s the Re-Wyne motto. It’s time to rise from the ashes, and show this world what we’re made of.

Welcome to the legacy, of which is known as Re-Wyne… Re-Wyne™ Clothing Brand.

Shekia Jasper, RE-WYNE™, Founder

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