“God did everything for me, every single piece of content displayed on my site He gave me the ability to do. God helped me direct my own music videos, graphic design, edit everything, make every beat & write every song on my own. Thank you Jesus.” — Re-Wyne

Re-Wyne is a follower of Christ & digital creator, part of her testimony is she is an EX member of the LGBTQ+ community who strives to remind people how to nudge people in the right direction with Christian knowledge & love.

In a career that has an outlet for creative individuals to express themselves, Re-Wyne uses her platform as a digital creator to remind people of God’s abundant love. Equipped with her talent that’s leveling up by the Holy Spirit, she has been utilizing her abilities to serve God. Her faith in Jesus Christ has helped her make a positive impact in the Christian community.

As a follower of Christ, she believes that music is her calling from God. Ultimately, her goal is to bring people closer to God. Her music is a tool that allows listeners to give Glory To God. Stepping up to the mic, she has produced an ep that has showcased her strong belief in her Christian faith titled Forgiven.

Her career has a strong start as God is her foundation, and what is built on the foundation of Christ is unbreakable. While working in her journey to give God praise, the female digital creator has also taken on an entrepreneurial role in her Christian community. Naming her brand after her stage name, Re-Wyne®️ created merch that produces shirts, pants, sweaters, hats, and more (some Available on Amazon).

Regardless of her endeavor, God powers her through every problem that comes her way to spread God’s Glory. She wants to remind people that no mountain of problems is big enough to overshadow the work of God, and that they are never alone in their everyday battle against life’s challenges because God is there.

Re-Wyne understands the importance of living out her message, it is displayed in how she carries her digital creation career and entrepreneurial career at the same time. Despite how challenging it gets at times, this strong follower of Christ is driven by her mission to spread the Word of God. She projects it in all she creates. Her biggest purpose in life is to exhalt God’s name.

Re-Wyne is determined to raise Jehovah’s name worldwide.

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